Klicken Sie auf die Datei, um das Installationsprogramm zu starten. No worries. Wie laden Sie AnyTrans herunter und installieren. Set a schedule to let AnyTrans back up your iPhone automatically and wirelessly at your preferred frequency: daily, weekly... Everything you care … AnyTrans ist eine iTunes-Alternative und Dateiübertragungs-Software, die sämtliches Medien- und Dateimanagement zwischen PC/Mac und iOS-Geräten übernimmt. AnyTrans has everything you need to manage your personal info on iPhone. Keine Vermutungen mehr. Messages are not just messages, they could be precious memories or important evidence as well. قم بتنزيل AnyTrans (يُعرف سابقًا باسم AnyTrans for iOS)، أفضل برنامج لإدارة أجهزة iPhone أو iPad أو iPod من الموقع الرسمي إلى كمبيوتر Mac أو Windows، تسهل على الجميع الاستخدام، لا يتطلب معرفة تقنية أو عملية معمقة. 提供:iMobie 「動画をオフラインで楽しみたい!」 こんな風に思ったことはありませんか? ここでは、YouTubeなどにアップされている 動画コンテンツを簡単に、しかも劣化させることなくスピーディにダウンロードする方法 を紹介しようと思います。. Bring iOS devices into sync. It offers much more broad features than iTunes you may use. 安全提示: 交易中请勿使用阿里旺旺以外的聊天工具沟通,不要接收可疑文件和不要点击不明来源的链接,支付前核实好域名和支付详情。淘宝不会以订单有问题,让您提供任何银行卡、密码、手机验证码!遇到可疑情况可在钱盾“诈骗举报”中进行举报, 安全推荐 相对于安全性来说,许多智能手机更关心的是手机的功能和运行性能,如果你指望这些手机来保护你的隐私,我劝你还是不要存此奢望,那有没有真正专注于安全的智能手机呢?今天我们就分析一下几款公认的最安全手机,看… Latest Anytrans Key able to save your personal data such as tags, ratings, images, files, and much more. It lets you transfer, manage, and back up iOS data in a way easy, fast, and you like. Another impressing feature of AnyTrans is Air Backup. スマホのデータは、しっかりとバックアップしていますか?もしバックアップしていなければ、大変なことです。そんなあなたのために、「AnyTrans for iOS」とよばれるソフトを紹介いたします。こちらは、スマホのデータ管理に特化したiOS向 The most important powerful part of this media software is its file system navigation. You can make a full backup or an incremental backup according to your need. Provides full sync of selective and partial files and folders on your iPhone. Not anymore with AnyTrans. AnyTrans® for iOSはWindows&Mac向け、かなり優秀なiTunes代替ソフト(ファイルマネージャー)です。iPhone、iPad、iPod、iTunes、iCloudおよびコンピュータに保存された音楽、写真、メッセージなどほぼ全てのデータを管理できます。 As a result, AnyTrans Activated removes everything that users on older devices do not need, completely and permanently. It is an essential one-stop content manager. Warm it up with your sweet memories and important information. The interface is easy to use and able to customize. Tired of downloading or updating tens of apps one by one repeatedly on each iOS device in your family? You can adjust the schedule for taking backup and it will automatically. Note: AnyTrans wurde früher als AnyTrans für iOS bezeichnet. AnyTrans 重視檔案的安全性。 一切都是 SSL 和 2FA 加密的,相同的協議,Google 用於他們的服務。此外,每一個動作都需要您的授權,如果您改變主意,則可以完全撤銷。 最大的安全性和舒適性,這就是 AnyTrans 的全部意義! It is an all-in-one content and media management tools for users. Whether you want to migrate them to new iPhone, or create a backup on computer in case of accidents, it’s a click away. AnyTrans covers all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 5 and above. Wichtige Daten verloren, aber nicht sicher, in welchem Backup sie liegen? What’s new in AnyTrans For ios Crack: Anytrans can also securely extract backup content such as iTunes, iCloud or Google Drive to iPhone / iPad without loss of data. It comes with a powerful option known as iwizard. What’s New: - Optimized iTunes Library/Media Library feature. It manages your best devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android(Vivo, Samsung, Oppo, etc). It smartly organizes different types of iPhone photos and videos into different folders, like Live Photos, Selfies, Slo-Mos, Time-lapses, or albums you created. AnyTrans backs up 10 more types of files than iTunes to keep more of your valued data safe. AnyTrans is always … Just feel free to extract what you need from the backup to iPhone, without erasing existing content. AnyTransについて教えてください。 パソコンに取り込んだCDをアイフォンに入れたいのですが同期できずiTunesだけではうまくいかないのでAnyTransを購入しようと思いますが、 ① これは安全なソフト … 2. You can even transfer apps to new iPhone at one go. AnyTrans for iOS - Setapp #anytrans for ios AnyTrans for iOS features Smart alternative to Apple's iTunes, media downloader, backup manager – AnyTrans is many things, all of which are meant to make file transferring a piece of cake. After that, get cracks files from the link below. iMobie Inc.,のプレスリリース(2019年3月22日 09時00分)お待たせしました!AnyTransアプリiOS版新登場!iPhoneデータを全面的に管理! Choose Incremental Backup to copy only added or changed data since the previous backup, saving you much time and disk space. AnyTrans is an iOS content transfer app to transfer files across iPhone, iPad, other phones/tablets, computer, even cloud drives. No matter you're upgrading from an old iPhone or Android phone, AnyTrans migrates everything that matters to you in one click - photos you shot, music you like, contacts you saved, messages you sent and received, and anything you need. Or, back up iPhone automatically and wirelessly if you like. AnyTrans enables you to preview every piece of data contained in every backup of yours, no matter it’s created by iTunes or AnyTrans. 目前,唯一可以确定安全的部分就是你的隐私数据不会被泄露,这些设备数据包括你的iOS设备以及你在苹果账户上注册的所有其他苹果设备。 说完了系统的变化,我再说说密码保护的分量。这么说吧,在iOS 11中,iOS的安全性完全依赖于密码保护。 Notify me of follow-up comments by email. AnyTrans for iOS 2020 v8.7 Review. In addition, allows you to take full control of android devices with backup options. Download music and videos from 1000+ sites to iOS devices or computer, Turn your favorite song into your personalized iPhone ringtone easily, Mirror, record or capture the screen of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Break restrictions to manage iTunes library and backups with more choices, Manage and transfer iCloud data & files in a way easier, quicker, and secure. We especially like AnyTrans because it offers more control over the data you import to your new device than Apple’s own iCloud options. The app instantly backups and copies your iPhone content to Ma Back up data in your preferred way. AnyTrans 8.8.0 Crack is all in handy solutions for the management of all devices including iOS, Android, and as well as offers cloud storage for users. 1. 3. 閃電快速資料傳輸 It only takes one click to restore the backup to your Apple device. Save a huge amount of your precious time and effort by batch importing or exporting all/selected iOS data with one simple and quick click. Master Easily share and transfer most out of important data. 安全性的維護是一段無止境的旅程,對於我們的把關,顧客深具信心。iOS 的安全性無可比擬,因為我們以負責任的態度,致力確保從硬體到軟體的全面安全性。 Apple 在全球各地的產品安全團隊,持續不斷推出嶄新的保護功能,並在發現弱點時立即進行修補。 Updated October 18, 2020. 0. Using this amazing software you can transfer files with secure and simple means. You can also sync your data all time so that you can restore it in case of any … 应用介绍. You can also transfer data between iDevice and PC efficiently at a fantastic speed. AnyTrans 8.8.0 Crack is all in handy solutions for the management of all devices including iOS, Android, and as well as offers cloud storage for users. Changed to a new iPhone? 今天为大家带来一款ios设备管理器—AnyTrans for mac破解版,这款AnyTrans for mac破解版能通过自动无线备份保护您的重要数据,并保持个人数据的安全和清晰,如果有需要的朋友就快来看看吧。 Also, every operation requires your permission, which can be undone if you change your mind. It can easily copy then any type of media from your computer to iOS and from your devices to the computer. It is complete coverage for devices all time. Now you can batch download apps and updates to computer for just once, and then install them to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by simply clicking a button. So sind Sie zu 100% sicher, wo Sie die verlorenen Daten wiederherstellen können. AnyTransはパソコン専用ソフトなので、パソコンでダウンロードしてね。 今こそチャンス!AnyTransを24時間限定で 43%OFF の割引キャンペーン開催 … No tech knowledge or skills required. AnyTrans for iOS This is a software utility that gives you with a quick and straightforward means of transferring all types of knowledge from your computer to iOS devices, and therefore the other way around. 苹果设备管理工具 AnyTrans for iOS v8.7.0 官方免费版,AnyTrans for iOS 破解版是一款功能强大的数据传输管理工具,是一款可以在Windows电脑上运行使用的ios应用管理工具。欢迎下载使用 You can do more in managing and transferring iPhone photos, See how your music flows freely to anywhere you like, Learn how to take control over your messages as you need, Let’s see how easy and pleasant the iOS app management can be, Check what more types of personal info you can manage, It also works for LINE and Viber. 导入、导出音乐或应用程序就如同在使用资源管理器一样简单,也可以在 iPhone、iPad、iPod 不同设备之间转移应用程序。. YOu can download from crackfury. With AnyTrans, you can easily manage everything stored on your mobile devices in addition to files kept on cloud services, such as your photos, music, messages and other items. Thank you AnyTrans!”, “I want to transfer music from iPhone to my computer, but iTunes only supports purchased items. Welcome to AnyTrans® (formerly named as AnyTrans for iOS) Official Download Page. Once you download and install the app on your Mac or PC, you can simply plug your iPhone or iPad to your computer while AnyTrans is running, and the app should automatically detect the device. Then I found AnyTrans, it helped me transfer the whole music library in a few steps!”. 您不仅可以在同操作系统的设备之间轻松切换,还可以跨平台切换,例如 从 iOS 到 Android。您的文件将以合适的格式自动放到合适的文件夹,以适应目标平台。使用 AnyTrans 无缝传输文件,省时又省力! 让每台设备的更加安全. AnyTrans is an all-in-one manager for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, and iCloud content. Even your grandparents or novices can get done what they want easily and smoothly via an intuitive interface. Gives you a simple and efficient manager for all your data and files. AnyTrans的操作界面简单易用,和iTunes比较相似。. The AnyTrans for iOS Full Version Crack 2020 provides you with a quick and easy way to transfer all kinds of data from your computer to your iOS device and vice versa.AnyTrans for iOS Key is a powerful tool that allows you to manage the content of iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes and iCloud from your desktop. - Added support for Audiobooks in iTunes Library. Or, you can choose to get connected by scanning the QR code. Using this amazing software you can transfer files with secure and simple means. iOS 的產品安全性認證 本文提供 iOS 平台的重要產品認證、加密驗證及安全性指引相關參考資料。 除了此處列出的一般認證之外,還可能包括為因應部分市場的特定安全要求所核發的其他認證。 Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, AnyTrans Latest Download With Torrent [2021], BlueStacks Crack Full Download For PC (2021), CCleaner Pro 5.74.8198 Crack + License Key 2021, Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 Crack With License Key [New], Adobe Illustrator 2021 Crack With License Key Free, iCare Data Recovery Crack Latest Version 2021. AnyTransはiPhoneや、iPad、iPodのメッセージを安全かつ気軽に管理できます。. Description. You can jump from iPhone to Android adversely. So you’re 100% sure where to get back the lost data. AnyTrans for iOS offers several different backup solutions for you to choose. AnyTrans can manage diverse categories of data on computer in a more stable way. Windowsで利用できるAnytrans(AnyTrans for iOS)の使い方をご存知でしょうか?Windowsで利用できるAnytrans(AnyTrans for iOS)について使い方や、何ができるソフトなのか詳しく解説します。 AnyTransとはiMobie社が開発したソフトウェアでデータ転送の同期制限を越えて、音楽をはじめ、写真、動画、連絡先、メッセージまで自由に iPhone、iPad、iPod、iTunes、iCloud、Windows/Mac の間で移行できます。 操作もシンプルで、すべてを1-Clickでデータの移行が出来る便利なソフトです。 ; Please make sure your iPhone/iPad and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi. from iPhone to computer or iTunes library. The app instantly backups and copies your iPhone content to Mac, as well as transfers data across iOS, iTunes and iCloud. “This is exactly what I need and it also helps me transfer memorable photos to a computer and save space on iPhone. You can also decide how to make backups. AnyTrans is the iPhone manager that breaks the sync boundary and consolidates every access to all your content in one place, including music, videos, photos, messages, books, Safari history, voice memo, etc. The interface is easy to use as other apps offer. Your WhatsApp conversations are too precious to lose, so AnyTrans keeps your complete chat history as well as all attachments within your reach. AnyTrans applies innovative Radar Connection to let you connect with friends more easily and quickly in a tap. You can also sync your data all time so that you can restore it in case of any damage. Moreover, the library has complete tabs with file information such as file name, type, size, and modified data. No matter you want to export them to computer for backup, or print them out to prove your point, it’s one-button easy. Flash-Sync Makes the … It comes with iCloud data explorers which is an easy way to view your files in file managers. Wählen Sie das benötigte Programm aus und installieren Sie es. Manage content for android, cloud, and iPhone devices. Hitman Pro Crack Plus Key Latest Version, WTFast Crack Full Version Torrent 2021. Manage all devices including Android, iPhone, and cloud drivers. 超越在工作流程和最终结果中移动到iOS应用程序,AnyTrans使从Android到iOS的切换变得更加轻松,快速,安全并且功能更强大。只需点击一下,你就可以在几分钟内完成重要任务。此外,您可以根据需要自由选择和传输特定项目。不用担心兼容性问题。 AnyTrans is a useful solution for everything from securely creating device backups on your computer to switching to a new device to moving content like music from one iPhone to another without a hassle. It is a standard management tool that can deal with all types of data including apps, pictures, music, documents, calendar, movies, eBooks and more. “AnyTransはiCloud や iOS ファイルシステムに保存されているデータをiTunesやパソコンにバックアップできる専用ソフトです。” AnyTransダウンロード. Connect a device and watch your content fly. AnyTrans für iOS & Android 8.8.0 Deutsch: Das Sychronisierungs-Tool AnyTrans lässt Sie Dateien zwischen Android- und iOS-Geräten und Ihrem PC austauschen. You can also decide how to make backups. iMobieの「AnyTrans」は、iOS端末内のデータを管理するためのデータ転送アプリ。「AnyTrans」アプリをインストールすることで、iPhoneやiPadなどのiOS機器のバックアップを取っておくことができる。ファイルのインポートとエクスポートができ、MacとiOS端末との間でデータ転送をすることができ … AnyTrans iOS 7.5.0 蘋果手機檔案管理 ... 最大的安全性和舒適性,這就是 AnyTrans 的全部意義! 閃電快速資料傳輸 借助我們先進的 Flash-Trans技術,您的檔案可以以驚人的速度傳輸到任何位置。 AnyTrans lets you spend less time managing but more time enjoying your i-Life. You can also use —- these complete file management. Put simply you can entertain yourself with files directly on Apple devices including iPhone 5. Set yourself free from iTunes restrictions, and transfer music freely across iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer, and iTunes as you like. it shows you the root to file path from there you can directly access the root folders of your devices. Remove old contacts to keep your list clear. Meet any of your demands in managing iPhone, iPad, iPod, iCloud and iTunes content. Perform quick and safe restore options directly through the cloud from anywhere on any device. In addition, AnyTrans Patch is completely safe and secure to use and it does not have any malware and other viruses. AnyTrans for iOSの評判はどう? データ移行に関する評判が良いです。特に、iTunesの不具合をカバーしながら数千曲を移動できるのは好評でした。 AnyTrans for iOSの安全性は大丈夫? ノートンやマカフィーにて国際認証を受けています。問題ありません。 Isn’t it cool? Transfer files such as image, video, audio, and wallpaper from PC to iOS. - Optimized the UI of Home Screen Manager feature. You can 1-click copy whole content along with custom settings, like ringtones and wallpapers, from old iPhone to the new. - Added support for Podcast and Books in Media Library (Mac 10.15). Even more, you can easily migrate many more types of data such as audio, video, images, documents, contacts, emails, and messages instantly. Using AnyTrans iOS app, you can then browse these files by category, and preview or share them directly from iPhone. Say goodbye to blind restore without choice. AnyTrans iOS 8.7.0 蘋果手機檔案管理 ... 最大的安全性和舒適性,這就是 AnyTrans 的全部意義! 閃電快速資料傳輸 借助我們先進的 Flash-Trans技術,您的檔案可以以驚人的速度傳輸到任何位置。 Or, make a full restore if you want. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. File managers allow you quality to see all details of files and media. Got a new iPhone? Using this users can transfer all content. And more. AnyTrans for iOS有幾個功能特色,如將檔案傳輸到你的 iOS 裝置、將檔案傳輸到另外一台裝置、iOS 傳輸檔案到電腦備份、瀏覽與編輯iOS裝置上的資料..等。筆者以前都靠iTunes進行舊機資料轉移。玩過iTunes的人都不喜歡其備份與同步的操作方式,所以介紹一套更方便的iOS裝置資料備份與轉移工具 -AnyTrans … 在過去幾年中,關於iPhone和Android旗艦的爭論變得不再那麼激烈,這很大程度上是由於兩者在互相抄襲某些功能,從而讓兩者的使用差異變得越來越小。儘管如此,Android旗艦仍然缺乏iPhone的某些特性,其中設備安全性就是典型。 100% free and clean to get the world-best iPhone manager on Windows/Mac - compatible with the latest iPhone, iPad… AnyTrans for iOS is a fully-featured tool that allows you to manage all the files on your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad from your computer. Move over all apps and app data with one tap, no more re-downloading. Transfer files without boundaries across iOS devices, android devices, MAC, and cloud storage. See more details, See what you can back up and how in detail, Check more about extracting backup data flexibly. Lost important data but not sure which backup they lie in? It makes it easier for you to remember when it was uploaded to servers. iPhoneのメッセージをコンピューターにエクスポートしたり、バックアップしたり、証拠として印刷したりするなど、1-Clickで実現できます。. AnyTrans vous permet de gérer et de transférer de la musique, des photos, des messages et toutes sortes de données iOS sur votre iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud et votre PC/Mac. AnyTrans for iOSというアプリを使ってiPhoneのデータを効率的に管理しましょう。AnyTrans for iOSの使い方も簡単です。データの転送、同期機能の他、動画や音楽をダウンロードする機能もあります。最後にアプリの評判も見てみましょう。 AnyTrans for iOS是一款好用的ios传输设备管理工具,可以方便用户对iphone、ipad、ipod中的文件进行管理操作,可以方便用户在电脑上进行各类文件的管理操作,支持联系人、视频、音频、短信、图片等文件的导入,软件支持双向传输和浏览itunes、icloud备份。 What’s cooler is that you can even take your music library from an old device to new iPhone. First, you need to download the trial from the official website. You don’t need to put things manually. Download Now. Das Programm installieren . Either way, you can build a link conveniently. 本文件說明 iOS 12.4.9 的安全性內容。 關於 Apple 安全性更新 為保障客戶的安全,Apple 在進行調查並提供修補程式或版本之前,不會揭露、討論或確認安全性問題。 Fully manage 27 types of iOS content from one handy place, taking care of almost all the data and files that matter to you in everyday life. It has wide ranges of functions including import, export, share, transfer, backup, restore data. Not only this, but it will also be able to download videos from the web and use them offline. Works on all operating systems including MAC and Windows. Das Programms ausführen. ios设备数据管理软件AnyTrans for iOS,AnyTransforiOS是一款用于管理你的ios设备数据的软件,这款软件支持管理你的ios设备中的照片、视频、文档、音乐等数据,不仅仅是设备内存上的数据,就算iCloud上,ios设备数据管理软件,传输西西最安全的下载地址. AnyTrans 2020 License Key is advanced software which automatically searches for the available IOS devices and directly shows all of the media files accessible on that device. AnyTrans for iOS 8.7 provides a reliable solution for connecting to the iOS devices and transferring data to and from iPhone/iPad/iPod. Smart alternative to Apple’s iTunes, media downloader, backup manager – AnyTrans is many things, all of which are meant to make file transferring a piece of cake. Please open AnyTrans App on your iPhone/iPad and tap the Scan button to scan the QR code on the right. Fühlen Sie sich einfach frei, das, was Sie benötigen, aus … 卡巴斯基 Eugene Kaspersky 認為, Windows 操作系統的安全性遠遠優於其他,無論是相較於手機端的 iOS、 Android,還是電腦端的 OS X。 iMobie AnyTrans for iOS allows you to quickly and easily transfer your music, videos, photos, etc. What about the attachments, like photos, videos, music, voice recordings, Animoji/Memoji/Emoji stickers, etc.? It manages your best devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android(Vivo, Samsung, Oppo, etc). Export Safari bookmarks and URLs, so you can pick up where you left off on computer. Easily browser, organize, edit, and transfer files. The program is handy to have around to do a lot more, like export iPhone photos easily to your computer, change ringtones, and back up the phone. AnyTrans for iOSとは、iPhoneやiPadなどのiOSデバイスをはじめ、iTunesやiCloudまですべてのデータをパソコンで、まとめて管理することができるツールのこと。直感的な操作と効率的な管理ができることが特徴です。 » 公式サイトはこちら Even merge content from multiple iOS devices to iPhone, without erasing original data. itunes是苹果官方开发的一款ios设备管理软件,但由于操作并不人性化,为此小编为大家带来了anytrans for ios,这是一款第三方的ios设备管理器,其最大的特色在于便利,让用户可以轻松跨iPhone,iPad,iPod,iTunes,iCloud和计算机进行全程传输,只需简单的拖放或单击一下鼠标,便可以 … So you can quickly locate the ones you want, and transfer them to computer by category with one single click. It is safe and secure all time. With the file transfer to backup options, it does all things with high speed and security. Or select to migrate your wanted data only, saving your time and iPhone storage. Drag music to iPhone without erasing existing songs - that means you can add music from multiple computers. Das Programm genießen . You will then be provided with various device management options. Access and manage your cloud drive all in one safe place with a single login. No matter you want to send photos, share videos, transfer music, copy contacts, or upload files to cloud, it goes wirelessly and instantly. AnyTrans backs up 10 more types of files than iTunes to keep more of your valued data safe. The protection of privacy is paramount for everyone. Feel free to manage content of any iOS device in your family. You can send files to anywhere in … AnyTransとは. It gives both control and freedom over all users iOS data and files, including music, videos, photos, messages, books, Safari history, voicememo, etc., no matter the content is on an iPhone, or iTunes backup or even from iCloud. You can easily integrate this app with your iCloud account to manage your online store. All in a tap. No more guesses. AnyTrans for iOS features. User-Friendly Experience. Backup Tool, File Management Don’t have to waste time and bandwidth re-downloading apps one by one. AnyTrans feels your pain. AnyTrans是一款 Mac OS X 上的iOS设备数据传输及数据管理工具,比苹果官方的iTunes使用起来更加顺手,并不是说iTunes多不好用,但是多一个选择还是不错的。. It consolidates with every type of content no matter what you are transferring. December 6, 2020 Choose Incremental Backup to copy only added or changed data since the previous backup, saving you much time and disk space. AnyTrans covers all attachments, too. AnyTrans 很重视文件的安全性。 You can export songs from iPod to computer or iTunes library. AnyTransは多機能なため、本記事では主に使われるであろう転送機能とバージョン7.0.0で追加された新規機能を中心にレビューします。 転送機能. You can even back up your social messages from WhatsApp, Line and Viber to the computer as well. On the left, the sidebar helps you navigate to several … AnyTrans breaks the sync boundaries to let you freely transfer content across iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud, and computer as you wish. You can quickly transfer data between devices by simply dragging and dropping. Using iMobie AnyTrans for iOS from now on to save your … This app will make everything easier for you when it comes to management and transfer the data. Take a backup of your files and upload them on cloud drives. Vous pouvez même transférer des données Android vers votre iPhone en 1 clic. After you are connected to an IOS device simply choose the folder you wish to move, and click “Import” in the end right corner and all done, your data starts moving to the required destination. Free DownloadTrusted by 10+ million users | 100% clean & secure. Features. 使用AnyTrans,用戶可以將媒體文件從一台設備複製到另一台設備。 它甚至允許您只需單擊一下即可從iOS設備克隆文件和設置。 如果您想在設備上製作一些新的離線視頻,請使用AnyTrans從各種熱門網站(例如Dailymotion,YouTube等)下載視頻。 AnyTrans使用真的安全嗎?

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